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stencil_art's Journal

The Stencil
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Welcome to the Stencil Art Community.

This community is open to anyone who is interested in creating stencil art.

If you are posting large or many pictures please use the LJ CUT tag.

If you are coming in here to ask questions about HOW TO MAKE A STENCIL...PLEASE REFER TO THE MEMORIES there are a few tutorials and things of interest in the memories section. If you post something that is in the memories you will be skinned and stuffed...and your entry will be deleted

Please do not claim others peoples art work as your own. If you are posting artwork that is not yours, give the artist credit or if you don't know who it is, just simply say it is not yours.

All hail 867530_die for the birth of this child. And while you are hailing keep in mind that i can/will ban people. And no, i wont even feel bad if some punk rocker from idaho thinks im a dick, or acting like "the man".

napalmandroses will not put up with any of your lame requests for someone to do something FOR you...that jive will be deleted with the quickness of seven she-devils chasing their former lover through the depths of hades. we are "DIY or DIE" so stop being lazy and do that shit for yourself. and if you post a shitty ass stencil on a t-schirt, fabric, backpack, jeans pocket, strippers g-string, or your mothers gigantic underwear and the stencil is barely even comprehendable you will be drawn and quartered.

there is a great website you should check out that has tutorials and plenty of stuff for you new jacks to bite off of... http://www.stencilrevolution.com

as of september 14, 2005 there will no longer be any t-shirts, bags, booty shorts, or any other article of clothing that has been stenciled allowed in this community...this community is about stencil art...put that shit on the street, on a canvas, on a god damn billboard....i dont give a damn where you put it...call it elite call it bullshit call it whatever you want...this community no longer caters to little kids wanting to have the newest band and the coolest thing on their shirt...have a nice day


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